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the new concept of stringy cheese world

The new concept of world’s most popular stringy cheese! Mozzatella is an innovative concept of high quality raw material applied to the dairy foods. We use the best Italian buffalo milk only , from farms carefully selected , that , after being subjected to strict controls , is intended for processing into an intermediate stable ( curd ), which is frozen with the use of technologies cryoscopic liquid nitrogen .

The Mozzatella is stored at -20° and from this point on is ready to reach any destination in the world to “merge” and become the most delicious mozzarella di bufala Made in Italy.

It’s structural characteristics related to moisture, the unique nature of its raw material and manufacturing processes, also make it the ideal product to use for your pizza. Furthermore, using simple kitchen tools with boiling water for a few minutes and manipulating, Mozzatella is transformed in real time in the most versatile product for the operators of HO.RE.CA. in braids, bocconcini, veal, pastry, buttery, stracciatelle.

A real “MINI-DAIRY” can offer in a very short time a fresh mozzarella always available for all the different needs of dining and shopping , giving you the unmistakable taste of Made in Italy.

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella
Mozzatella, boiling water, salt and simple tools.
Put the right amount of Mozzatella in a bowl, add boiling water, stir
uniformly for a few minutes…here is the globular mass from which,
with your imagination to suit your needs, you can realize all the traditional forms: bocconcini, braids, knots, sheets.

Pizza Napoletana
The true pizza makers are familiar with the quality of buffalo mozzarella when used on their pizzas. Also the production rules for the “Vera Pizza Napoletana STG(protected by the EU) fully recognizes the use of Mozzatella. Mozzatella has in its essential characteristics, all the qualities of buffalo mozzarella such as elasticity, texture, color, flavor…in addition, due to its low moisture content, it allows ideal results in the presentation and made more than optimal.

Buffalo Stracciatella
Here is a simple and versatile way to use Mozzatella in your kitchen.
As an alternative to the classic round shape of the mozzarella, the strips of spun paste are delicious and tasty. Made starting from the same basic procedure: The mozzatella strips are cooled in water and salt, then, are drowned in a fresh milk cream. Taste this simple preparation dressing it with extra virgin olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and a pinch of salt.

Buffalo Mozzarella Gourmet
The versatility of Mozzatella in the kitchen , allows you to use it when and how you want in all the traditional recipes of Italian cuisine, where the buffalo mozzarella is a PLUS in quality and taste.By now, Mozzatella, is considered by the most famous chefs in the world a real gourmet ingredient.
The creativity of those who work in the kitchen ( in the professional and not ) is enhanced by the many possibilities that this revolutionary product can offer.Stuffed mozzarella, flavored mozzarella bites, strips, different color shades. Mozzatella is undoubtedly, an added value to the chef’s fantasy.

Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella
The same sizes of fresh buffalo mozzarella obtained from Mozzatella can be smoked with simple procedures. This variant of mozzarella, little known among consumers, is enriched of pleasant aroma: smoke’s smell released by natural wood, notes of coffee and earth.

Buffalo Burrata
Stracciatella made with Mozzatella, represents the ideal stuff to fill a delicate burrata . The “game” is the same…get your mozzarella with basic procedures,then, form a “pocket” and fill it with cream Stracciatella , finally tie it with a string and close the extreme edges. It should be served at room temperature to enjoy the best the richness and creaminess of the ingredients.


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